Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Director, Information Technology - Cameroon

Job Title: Director Information Technology
Location: Cameroon
Country: Africa
Company: Camair-Co


To provide the organization with an efficient and cost effective combination of business systems and supporting infrastructure components that will deliver high quality service to theairline as it continues to grow.

This will be delivered and managed through an I.T.organization with the appropriate levels of skilled and experienced resources that will enablethe I.T. department to fulfill its crucial role within Camair-Co.The Role

1. Act as the focal point in the company for all aspects of Information Technology.

2. Develop, gain approval for, and maintain the Camair-Co I.T. Strategy.

3. Design and maintain the Business Systems Architecture, plus Data and VoiceCommunications Architecture.

4. Develop, gain approval for, and implement, appropriate and relevant I.T. policies andprocedures

5. Build and manage a team with the skills, experience and expertise to deliver the I.T.service for the company at the level required, using a combination of employees andexternal services as appropriate.

6. Evaluate business systems requirements jointly with each function

7. Jointly develop business systems tender documents with the Tenders Board andCamair-Co senior management

8. Evaluate business systems supplier’s proposals

9. Develop business cases and plans in conjunction with the relevant business functionfor business systems and technical infrastructure, gain approval for the investmentsand plans, and then implement the required products and services.

10. Select external I.T. infrastructure service providers through negotiation and aconsistent and transparent process gaining approval to proceed at the agreed pointsin the process from the Tenders Board and Camair-Co executive management

11. Develop service level agreements with external suppliers and manage the supplier toensure compliance.

12. Ensure 24/7 availability of IT services for all departments, services and processes ofthe airline.

13. Deliver IT security and data protection.

14. Prepare the budget for the companies IT expenditure.

15. Monitor and steer internal IT processes and IT performanceIdentify Informationtechnology opportunities that may improve the company’s competitive edge andpresent them to senior management in business cost benefit terms.


Competencies / Skills

1. In depth knowledge of aviation related I.T. Infrastructure needs

2. High degree of computer and data communications literacy

3. Thorough knowledge of commercial data communications and computing

4. Strong Negotiating skills

5. Strong Supplier management skills

6. Ability to balance cost against required performance

7. Strong Planning capability8. Understand and identify risks within I.T. and take appropriate action
Qualifications / Experience 1. A Degree in Applied Information Technology, or relevant in depth experience in an airline and/or other major organization 2. Experience in defining IT requirements in an airline (desirable) 3. Experience in the selection and management of appropriate IT service providers 4. In-depth knowledge in the definition of Service Level agreements with IT service providers. Performance Indicators 1. 24/7 availability of IT services for all departments, services and process of the airline with a maximum availability rate 2. Selection and management of appropriate cost/benefit-effective external product and service providers: 3. Negotiate with IT suppliers /IT service providers 4. Define Service level Agreements (SLAs) 5. Monitor and control performance of external service providers and their equipment / software 6. Delivery of IT security and data protection


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