Monday, October 17, 2011

Standard chartered Bank - Graduate Trainee Programme

In 1965, the Standard Bank of South Africa merged with the Bank of West Africa acquiring businesses including a banking operation in Nigeria, which dated back to 1894. The name was then changed to Standard Bank of West Africa. Four years after the merger, Standard Bank Nigeria was incorporated locally to take over the business in Nigeria. In 1971, 13% of the share capital was placed with Nigerian investors. The end of the civil war saw a major economic upturn and as a consequence, the military government sought to increase local control of the retail-banking sector, hence the Bank’s investment in Standard Bank Nigeria (renamed First Bank of Nigeria in 1979) was reduced to 38%. Standard Chartered remained a shareholder of First Bank of Nigeria until 1996.

Standard Chartered Consumer Bank Fast Track Programme

The Consumer Bank serves the needs of 13 million retail customers, including small and medium-sized businesses through a network of over 1,700 branches and 5,600 ATMs in 70 countries.

Career opportunities
On completion of the programme, you will receive a permanent role in one of our most valued businesses. We will continue to invest in your development and provide you with the environment to make the most of your strengths. Show us you can perform and we’ll reward you through rapid progression and exciting opportunities.

Your career path is accelerated, which means you will receive early opportunities to demonstrate your value in a top revenue generating role.

The long-term career opportunities are endless, and the great work you do for customers and the Bank will be recognised and rewarded with career progression. Top performers have gone on to become successful and highly sought after Private Bankers, as well as Head of our Priority, SME and Private Bank businesses across our global network.

Entry Requirements
An undergraduate degree, any discipline
The legal right to work in the country for which you are applying
Fluency in English; a second language is considered beneficial

About the programme
Want to become a world-class banker? You’ve come to the right place. Through our Consumer Bank Fast Track Programme we’ll support you as you:

Develop into a world-class banker, perfecting your relationship management skills
Perform and shine in a key revenue generating role with one of our most valued business lines targeted at the high value client segments
Fly high. Your exceptional attitude and performance will hold you in good stead as you take your first step on an exciting career journey with us.
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