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Topics include: The Quantitative Section; The Techniques of GMAT Problem-Solving; Data Sufficiency; Basic Principles of Numbers; Algebra; Probability and Statistics; GMAT Geometry; Boolean Problems and Combinatorics; The Verbal and Writing Sections; Critical Reasoning; Sentence Correction; Reading Comprehension; The Analytical Writing Assignment; Beyond the GMATSummary: This book has ISSUES, no CAT tests, and sets wrong expectationsRating: 1I prefer to ignore books that are not the best or have issues instead of writing negative reviews but I feel I need to give a word of warning to a few test takers. However, I won't bash the book; instead I will just point out issues it has and hopefully this will result into a better preparation for you with or without this book. ....ISSUES....
1. LACK OF CONTENT. This is probably the shortest GMAT Book I have seen - only 182 pages are dedicated to the GMAT overview and that includes everything (AWA, Quant, Verbal, practice questions, etc)
2. WEAK STRATEGIES. The real test for a good GMAT Book is the CR/RC strategies it provides since these sections are hard to prepare for and only a consistent and solid strategy is what can help. This book has strategies that are correct and good but are too general to make a difference.!
3. FEW PRACTICE QUESTIONS. As mentioned above 182 pages are dedicated to the GMAT and are inclusive of practice problems/questions. There are 4 tests included in the book (which take half of the pages).
4. PAPER TESTS. There are 4 in the book, which offsets the lack of practice questions but at the same time there is a big issue with paper tests - the fact that they are on paper, not adaptive, and do not provide you with a GMAT score, not even an approximate one.
5. COMPUTER ADAPTIVE TESTS. This book does not come with any. The online tests referred to are not adaptive.
6. The 2010 and 2011 editions are pretty much identical with exception of 5 vs 4 tests in the book (there are different software editions too but I have not been able to find any differences)
7. One final issue is that with only 182 pages of instructions and gmat exercises, the book positions GMAT as an easy tests that does not require much preparation - watch out. It is not easy! P.S. The book says there are 2 tests avaiable online but I was able to find only one; all references online were to the 2010 book, so perhaps the website has not been updated yet, but the test is not to be found. Hope you find this review helpful. Please post a comment if you have any questiosn - I respond fast Best Regareds, BB - GMAT 750 Founder of GMAT Club.

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